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Decreased to 3 stars

When I rated this four years ago (2014) I gave it a high rating. But, the developers haven’t upgraded it in the last two yrs or so. Now, when I play the Swashbuckler level, it often says No More Plays before I get even 5000 points let alone 15000 points. So, I have to start over, which becomes tiring. A few yrs ago I got up to over 140,000! And, on the right side of the board, it usually will not allow four-in-a-row to obtain a Black Spot. I realize this is free and without ads (thank you), but I’d be willing to pay if this was upgraded and the glitches fixed.

Just what I was looking for

This is a great match 3 game without all the annoying bells and whistles of other games out there. There are different modes of play and it doesn’t give you a hint unless you want one. No annoying ads interrupting the game and no in app purchases. Thank you for making a great basic match 3 game!

Love this...

Such a fun diversion. Love the sound effects!

Nice game app!

I really like this game! It a lot of fun and is good time killer! The graphics are great! The pirate music is stellar! I recommend this game to every fan of match three games or pirates! Arrrgghhh! LOL

Aye an' let's go a-Piratin'

As said by another, a fun way to pass time waiting for an appointment, meeting, or event! One doesn't feel much loss if suddenly having to quit playing to go back to work, either! Just easy fun!

Fun way to pass the time

I needed something for my 85 year old, non computer savvy dad to play that would be "rewarding" and simple to learn and play. The game is very straightforward in all modes and has an option to simplify game pieces to easily identifiable color blocks. This game filled the bill. My go-to game when I need a "bubble gum for the brain" break.

Very addictive

Hard to put down

RRrrr PIECES OF EIGHT. I like it.

A simply enjoyable match three, and a pirate joke if you lose!

Pirates ahoy!

Great fun, mindless entertainment.

Great game

I like match 3 jewel type games and ran across this looking for one without the obnoxious glitzy colors that most have. This has different game modes to choose from, a simple graphics mode, and as a consolation you get to hear a pirate joke when you lose. Nice touch.


Great game good gameplay and a pirate joke or two. Nice time filler or you can challenge yourself up to you

Pieces of Eight

My 6 yr old granddaughter loves it...

Cute but..

After playing jewel blitz all week, the graphics of this game are slow and not very reactive.

Pieces of Eight

For what it is, a complicated matching game, Pieces of Eight is really relaxing, addictive and fun!

Pirate game

I really enjoy matching the squares.

Pieces of eight

Nice time waster. Cute, clever if you like match 3 games. Like the pirate theme. Worth a try.

Pieces of eight

Fun game

Pieces of eight

Very fun and addictive. Love the pieces art.

Pieces of eight

Great game

Ms gamer53

The best game ever on iPhone I love it great for playing while waiting in dr office.thanks!

Pieces of eight

Would like bells & whistles when scoring a level considered Great.

Pieces of Eight

Fun and absorbing. All versions are great.

Fun game

Fun game!

Pieces of Eight

This is a fun game and very additive!!

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